FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A 23-year-old man is facing a felony in connection with a shooting just outside the entrance of Mitchell’s Sports Bar inside the Westland Centre that left two people injured this past August.

He’s also accused of leading police on a high-speed pursuit where he went the wrong-way on one-way roads and swerved in and out of traffic with an infant child inside his vehicle earlier this month.

Allen County prosecutors earlier this week formally charged Jaleen J. Willis, aka Jalen Willis, with a Level 5 felony count of criminal recklessness where the defendant shoots inside a building as well as resisting law enforcement using a vehicle and carrying a handgun without a license.

Fort Wayne Police were called to Westland Centre, located at 61010 W. Jefferson Blvd., at about 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 27 on a report of a shooting.

Jaleen Willis

According to witnesses quoted in Allen Superior Court documents, a fight broke out near the entrance of Mitchell’s Sports Bar inside the mall and shots were fired. Two people were injured with non-life-threatening injuries, court documents said.

Video surveillance showed that the fight began in the mall area by the pool tables in front of Mitchell’s at the time, according to court documents. The fight consisted of five males and two female subjects, court documents said.

During the fight, a man wearing a blue jacket with white stripes on the sleeves and a necklace with a pendant in the form of the letters “FEG TIM” attached walks by watching the fight. This subject, identified later as Willis, reached into his pants with his right hand and pulled out a handgun, court documents said.

Willis is then accused of running toward the group fighting and firing multiple shots, according to court documents. The video footage showed multiple muzzle flashes coming from the gun, and it then shows Willis back-peddling before firing off an additional shot.

He’s then accused of running out of the main entrance of the mall, into the parking lot and getting into a vehicle that is out of surveillance camera view.

By the time police arrived, two people were bleeding from gunshot wounds, court documents said.

One of the victims, a woman, was at a half-wall near where Willis is accused of firing shots. She later told investigators she saw the fight happen in front of her but was separated from the scuffle by the half-wall.

The woman said in court documents when the people fighting went to the ground she heard gunshots, court documents said. Then she felt pain in her legs and noticed she was bleeding. She suffered gunshot wounds to her upper thigh and lower left calf, court documents said.

Another victim, a man, told investigators he was at Mitchell’s when a fight broke out in front of him and he was punched in the face by an unknown person, court documents said. The man then swung back. He told investigators the fight didn’t last long and he heard gun shots.

That’s when he felt pain and dropped to the ground, court documents said. He noticed he had been shot in the hand, he told investigators.

Another woman who witnessed the shooting told investigators Willis shot several times, and the last few he did not look where he was shooting, according to court documents. She noticed the woman who had been hit in her leg and applied pressure to the wounds, she told investigators in court documents.

Investigators identified Willis as the one on the surveillance footage using his photos from a prior arrest on May 18, when he was picked up for carrying a handgun without a license. He bonded out of jail after that arrest and is awaiting trial on that charge next year.

Detectives monitored his social media accounts – one of which had the handle “Feg_Tim” – to see what he might be wearing or driving in freshly published photos.

On Sept. 2, police began watching a Willis’ apartment in the 8800 block of Gulf Drive, awaiting for him to arrive.

He came to the apartment just after midnight driving an SUV rented out to his girlfriend, court documents said.

Detectives watched as Jaleen entered the apartment and came out with an infant child, according to court documents. When he tried to drive away from the apartment, officers tried to corner him in unmarked vehicles with lights and sirens on, court documents said.

Willis is accused of driving around the vehicles and then leading police on a chase west on Wallen Road at a high rate of speed and over hills that prevented him from seeing oncoming traffic.

He is accused of fleeing south on Coldwater Road and through an industrial complex, eventually coming out onto East Coliseum Boulevard.

Willis did a U-turn in the middle of the road, drove by officers who could see Willis was the driver, and then took officers southbound on Lima Road, the wrong way down one-way East Superior Street and then the wrong way on the one-way Lafayette Road and the wrong way on the one-way Berry Street, court documents said.

Police called off the chase to keep the public and the child in Willis’s vehicle safe, according to court documents.

Two warrants have been issued for Willis’s arrest – one for the shooting at Westland Centre and one for the police pursuit.

According to court records, he has yet to be booked into Allen County Jail