FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne Police used surveillance video and cell phone tracking technology to zero in on 25-year-old Eric Underwood-McCarrol as the primary suspect in a southeast side shooting Wednesday that left a woman dead.

And in Allen Superior Court documents, investigators identified the woman Underwood-McCarrol is accused of killing at an apartment in the 6000 block of Bunt Drive as Joyce Moore.

When officers initially arrived at the scene, they found Moore with blood near her shoulder and head area. Life saving measures were attempted but she was pronounced dead at the scene, court documents said.

No motive for the killing, which happened at about 11:30 a.m. that morning when Moore answered someone at her door only to be shot, is given in court documents.

Underwood-McCarrol, who used to live at the apartment complex, was arrested more than nine hours after the shooting when police pulled over his tan Mercury Grand Marquis for having false and fictitious plates, according to court documents.

At first, Underwood-McCarrol said in court documents he had been at his mother’s all day until he went to work at an anodizing plant.

Fort Wayne Police respond to a shooting on Bunt Drive
Fort Wayne Police respond to a shooting on Bunt Drive on Wednesday morning

That’s when detectives presented him with evidence he had been elsewhere.

According to court documents, Underwood-McCarrol had been captured on surveillance video visiting the apartment complex, Waterloo Apartments, where the shooting occurred. Underwood-McCarrol was also filmed leaving the apartments just before police arrived, court documents said.

He was also dressed at the time in all black – a black long-sleeved t-shirt, black sweat pants and a black head covering, according to court documents.

The initial caller to report the shooting told emergency dispatch said she heard two gunshots and saw a man matching Underwood-McCarrol’s dress and description fleeing the scene, court documents said.

One eyewitness clammed up when speaking to police about the shooting.

Shooting suspect Eric Underwood-McCarrol
Eric Underwood-McCarrol

This witness refused to make an identification of the killer in fear of retaliation. When shown a photo of Underwood-McCarrol, the witness had “an immediate physical response,” investigators wrote in court documents.

The witness took a deep breath and with widened eyes began to tear up. The witness claimed to know “who did it” but refused to tell police a name, court documents said.

Police also viewed surveillance footage from a nearby church, which showed a gold car matching Underwood-McCarrol’s leaving the area before officers arrived.

Detectives used Underwood-McCarrol’s cell phone records to place him in the area of the apartment at the time of the shooting, court documents said.

Each time detectives presented him with evidence, he changed his story.

In court documents, he said he didn’t stay all day at his mother’s but had taken a friend to the apartment complex where the shooting occurred. He told investigators he did not know his friend’s name.

He also said he went to the apartment complex at 12:30 p.m. and that everything seemed normal – this despite the fact the area at that time had heavy police presence as officers were investigating the shooting.

Underwood-McCarrol claimed in court documents he never saw a police vehicle there at the time.

He also claimed to not know about the killing. A text message from his mother on his phone, though, alerted him to Moore’s death, court documents said.

“A lady that lived across the street from you on Bunt Drive got killed at 11:30 this morning,” part of the text said.

Underwood-McCarrol replied to the text with a simple one-word expletive.

When asked why he acted like he didn’t know a killing happened at the complex, Underwood-McCarrol said he didn’t know he needed to tell investigators what his mother had told him, court documents said.

After serving a search warrant at a home Underwood-McCarrol had been staying, investigators found a loaded 9-millimeter Taurus handgun in a bed-side table.

Underwood-McCarrol is being held without bond in Allen County Jail on one count of murder.

The Allen County Coroner has yet to rule on the death of the woman, but if ruled a homicide, it would be the county’s sixth of the year.

Theresa Hicks, a friend of the victim, described Moore as someone who “never bothered anyone” and was “nice as can be.”

“She would have given the shirt off her back if you needed it more than she did,” Hicks said.

Hicks also told WANE 15 the victim had been living in one of the apartments off Bunt Drive for a few years now and that the area has “really gone downhill” in the past few years.

The victim is survived by four daughters and a child in her custody, Hicks said.