FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A marijuana deal turned robbery led to a shootout at the Southtown Crossing Walmart parking lot that left a man suffering from at least one gunshot wound this past November, according to investigators.

Now, one of those involved is facing a felony charge.

Allen County prosecutors this week formally charged 25-year-old Khalil Hamilton with a Level 3 felony count of armed robbery in connection with the Nov. 15 shooting, which sparked Fort Wayne police to blanket the big-box-store’s parking lot with vehicles and officers in the aftermath.

Hamilton and another man set up the deal and agreed to meet each other at the parking lot, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

A man is facing an armed robbery charge in connection to a shooting at a Fort Wayne Walmart this past November.
A drug deal gone bad led to a shooting at the Southtown Crossing Walmart this past November.

The plan was for Hamilton to pay the other man $1,000 for a quarter pound of marijuana as well as some marijuana papers, court documents said. Hamilton got into a vehicle with the man and the man’s brother to make the exchange, but instead of handing them money he’s accused of pulling out a gun.

He’s then accused of ordering the two men to hand over the marijuana as well as some cash before exiting the vehicle.

The man he set up the deal with then got out of the vehicle and pulled out a gun of his own, according to court documents. Gunshots between he and Hamilton were exchanged, investigators said, and the man ended up shot.

Hamilton fled the scene; the man who ended up shot had life-threatening injuries. Medics upgraded his condition once he arrived at a local hospital and the man lived.

During interviews with Fort Wayne police detectives, that man at first said he planned to buy marijuana from Hamilton when the robbery happened.

After reviewing phone records which showed messages exchanged between Hamilton and the man as well as an interview the man’s brother, investigators were able to figure out the deal was the other way around.

Other than that detail, the man’s story remained consistent:

He said in court documents Hamilton robbed him, got out of the vehicle where the deal was supposed to happen and that it “shook” him. When the man got out to confront Hamilton, Hamilton pointed a gun at him, he said.

That’s when he fired at Hamilton and Hamilton returned fire, according to court documents.

About a week after the shooting, police searched Hamilton’s car and found a bag containing 7.5 grams of marijuana that had been stolen in the robbery, according to court documents.

No cash was ever found.

A warrant for Hamilton’s arrest has been issued.