FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A scuffle that turned into a three-on-one domestic situation in the backyard of a family’s south side home ended up in the shooting of a 41-year-old man Saturday afternoon, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents.

Now, a 19-year-old is accused of shooting that man after retrieving the man’s own gun from a fanny pack before rendering aid to him as police arrived to make an arrest.

Jevonte Bates is facing a preliminary felony count of attempted murder in connection with the shooting.

According to court documents, Bates is accused shooting Fabian White during an argument in the 2300 block of South Hanna Street shortly after 4:30 p.m.

Investigators used interviews with those involved as well as surveillance video from a nearby halfway house to piece together exactly what happened in the shooting of Fabian White, who was in life-threatening condition at a local hospital this weekend.

Jevonte Bates

White had been in an argument with his child’s mother, Jevonda White, according to court documents. At one point, Fabian White walked away from Jevonda White, but then the argument resumed.

Bates then came out of the home where the argument happened.

Bates confronted Fabian White and attempted to push him away from Jevonda White, according to court documents. A shoving match ensued, and another person, identified as Jamarion White, came out of the home and joined the scuffle.

Jamarion White walked aggressively toward Fabian White. Fabian White then punched Jamarion White, knocking him to the ground, court documents said.

At this point, Jevonda White is accused of attacking Fabian White with a baseball bat. While she does this, Bates attempted to punch Fabian White – only to be thrown to the ground by the older man, court documents said.

Jevonda White continued to “swing wildly” with the bat at Fabian White while Bates walked back to where the altercation began and appeared to reach down and pick something up off the ground. He would later tell detectives in court documents he got into Fabian White’s fanny pack, which had dropped, and retrieved the older man’s gun.

“Jevonte then looks down as if he is messing with something,” an investigator wrote in court documents. That’s when Fabian White rushed at Bates and Jamarion White, who were standing next to each other at that moment.

Jevonda White

Jamarion White backed up toward the home while Bates ran around a trampoline.

At that moment, Fabian White grabbed his waist and fell to the ground, presumably, according to the police, that’s when he was shot by Bates.

Jevonda White then pointed her baseball bat at Bates and yelled something at him. She, Bates and Jamarion White then all went inside the home, leaving Fabian White outside.

About 75 seconds later, Bates came outside and attempted to give medical aid to Fabian White, according to court documents. He took off his hooded sweatshirt, ran back inside and then came back out to continue trying to help Fabian White, court documents said.

As police arrived, Bates, Jevonda White and Jamarion White all ran back inside the house as police surrounded the home.

In an interview with a homicide detective, Bates said he shot Fabian White. He said there had been an argument in the backyard of the home that turned physical, that Fabian White dropped his fanny pack and that he retrieved the gun and shot Fabian White out of anger.

Bates then took the gun inside the home and hid it in a vent in the floor.

Detectives arrested Bates on the attempted murder charge and booked him into Allen County Lockup on $50,000 bond.

They also arrested Jevonda White for not paying a more than $2,500 in a settlement she lost in a lawsuit nearly two years ago, and for which she was ordered to appear in court for late last month.