FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Officials at the Allen County Highway Department can’t figure out why large semis are trucking down East Cedar Canyons Road between Coldwater and Auburn roads.

The road in northwest Allen County becomes perilous and winding as the two-mile stretch nears Auburn Road. Deep ravines and dells line both sides and the road’s curves deepen.

This year, residents complained to the county about these big trucks and asked for a No Trucks sign. The request was granted and then approved Friday by the Allen County Commissioners.

That doesn’t mean agricultural and construction trucks won’t be allowed. Instead, it’s just large trucks and semis trying to find a route through that will be banned.

“Really there’s no destination for any type of factories or businesses along that route,” Brian Sechler, Allen County traffic engineer, told WANE 15 Monday. “So we looked at it. It is a windy, curvy road with several hills. There’s also access out to Auburn which can be difficult. It’s all uphill for somebody trying to drive a truck, so we felt it would be a good idea to make it a no truck route.”

The sign will just be for large semis, Sechler said. “Local deliveries can still use it. It’s just people using it for a through route.”

Sechler said the department doesn’t know why it’s becoming popular with semi drivers.

“There’s no new developments in that area – large, industrial type developments. There’s a lot of housing moving up in that area, but I don’t know of any industry up there,” Sechler said.