FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The fate of Veo scooters in downtown Fort Wayne could be decided this week, according to the City of Fort Wayne. A city spokesperson issued a statement to WANE 15 Monday regarding the appeal Veo has made to reverse the City of Fort Wayne’s decision to end its partnership with the scooter company.

Although officials did not provide an exact date, the City of Fort Wayne’s Right-of-Way Department will make a decision regarding the appeal this week, but it is unclear if the department’s decision will be the final say on the matter.

The Right-of-Way Department generally issues permits for construction activity and provides approval for block parties, parades, and events that take place on city property, according to the department’s website.

The statement also addressed the conflicted reactions city officials have received from the community since the announcement.

“We often have to make difficult decisions when it comes to the best interest of the community, and sometimes those decisions aren’t always popular with everyone,” the statement said.

According to the City of Fort Wayne, officials have received over 275 emails asking to keep Veo scooters in Fort Wayne, but the city has also received emails thanking the city for its decision.

Since the City of Fort Wayne’s announcement, Veo has launched a campaign to garner community support and keep the scooters in downtown Fort Wayne.

Veo scooters first appeared in Fort Wayne in 2019 with the goal of providing more transportation options, supporting tourism and local businesses, and connecting neighborhoods.

If the appeal is denied, Veo will no longer be able to operate in Fort Wayne starting Sept. 4.