FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Approving the purchase of land for the new fire station planned to go on Lower Huntington Road has a price tag bigger than expected.

Two weeks ago, an estimated cost for the new fire station was around $5 million, but Tuesday night councilwoman Sharon Tucker said to build this new fire station there needs to be more funds, and they are currently over budget.

“The question is, will council approve it because it is over budget. Two estimated quotes, and it is over budget over that estimated quote,” said Tucker. “They will need to come to us for an explanation, and final approval before they can make that purchase,” Tucker said.

But that does not change the fact that the city needs a new fire station.

Tucker also explains why she is not concerned with spending a little more on the new fire station.

“I am not as worried about it being over the normal estimated cost, because of the space size it’s 150,000 for 7 acres,” Tucker said. “To me that’s a really good value and a good place to put the tax dollars since it will be providing a new service for our fire, to be able to perform tax services,” explains Tucker. “I am not as worried as I would be for other projects of spending a little bit over budget here,” Tucker said.

On Tuesday night’s city council meeting the funds got approved in a unanimous 8-0 vote. Councilman Russ Jehl was absent.

After the meeting, Tucker said that the Fire Department could now go ahead and start the purchasing process. When asked about the length it would take to complete the project, she said she didn’t know the timetable the Fire Department has.