FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — When Chapman’s Brewing announced they would be entering the Fort Wayne brewing circuit the hopes were that their Electric Works location would be a community-focused location.

Those hopes still remain but with a later opening date than expected. When initial construction began on the project the hopes were to have a soft opening in the fall of 2023. Now the hope is to have that first beer brewed by mid-December.

“This is the space where innovation and creation really was the heart of Fort Wayne’s industry for decades,” said CEO and founder Scott Fergusson when discussing why he chose the Electric Works location.

Chapman’s Brewing will host brewing right in-house, with people being able to see where the beer is being made while being able to drink it. The indoor space will be able to hold 260 people while the patio space can host 70 people.

The hope of this brewery is to provide something unique from its main production in Angola, where large batches are made.

“Here it’s all about creativity and innovation,” said Fergusson. “We will have 25 beers on tap on day one and we will be introducing a new beer every week after we open.”

The hope in the next calendar year is to host a stout month as well as a full Oktoberfest festival hosted using the Forum area at Electric Works.

Fergusson said when discussing the future of Chapman’s Brewing at Electric Works, “We’re just hoping to have the sky be the limit.”