FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Tyreece Vachon, 19, died after he was shot at the West Wind Apartments early Tuesday morning.

It was a double-shooting. A woman who was injured – but not identified- is still being treated at an area hospital, according to Fort Wayne Police.

His family is now grieving the loss of someone who they remember as a very likeable, loving, helpful, friend who was always there for people.


“I think it’s a tragedy anytime someone loses their life, but I think it’s an even bigger tragedy when someone so young with such potential and influence on the community loses their life,” Mark Vachon said. “I think it’s a good time for people to step back, show love to their loved ones and appreciate the times that we get here because we never know when somebody is going to go.”

Mark Vachon is Tyreece’s older brother, but he said Tyreece was more like a son because of their age difference.

Mark and Tyreece Vachon at Tyreece’s graduation from North Side High School. Credit: Mark Vachon.

Mark told WANE 15 that his brother was an inspiration to a lot of people through his clothing line “Fear None,” which was a successful venture for Tyreese with a large following on Instagram — his page is just shy of 26,000 followers.

Mark said the inspiration for the name ‘Fear None,” came from Tyreece wanting to inspire others to face their fears.

Tyreece was a 2022 graduate of North Side High School. His mom, Jody, told WANE 15 that Tyreece was her first child to graduate.

She said he faced adversity in his life, but always overcame it. She added that Tyreece was a great kid, which she wants people to remember.

He had success athletically as a football and basketball player at North Side.

Now that he’s gone, Mark finds himself trying to be a positive light for his family. He said he always tries to face life’s obstacles with that mindset.

“Seeing my little brother pass so early, before he got to reach his full potential – It was very heartbreaking, but I’m like the man of my family, so I’ve got to stay strong for the family and that was the first thing I thought when I realized what was going on,” he explained.

Mark said Tyreece’s legacy is going to live on through his “Fear None” brand. He expects close friends to keep the brand – and memories of Tyreece – alive through the clothing line.