FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Everyone’s commute could use some fun to brighten up the trip to work.

And if you drive past Aboite Center Road and Dicke Road on your way to work you may have found some.

Toni McDevitt and her husband Bob have been decorating their barn for passersby for the better part of the past year.

“I design and, and he cuts and paints and puts it up,” Toni said.

She said that it started as simple Christmas decorations on the side of the barn before growing to happy birthday messages to her seven grandchildren. Now it changes every month.

“There’s too much negativity, we add a little positive,” Toni said.

And that positivity has spread as they have received messages about the signs from those who drive by and the nurses who work across the street at Lutheran Hospital.

The decorations became such an integral part of the couples interaction with the community, that when they were late putting up January’s decorations, their pastor grew concerned.

“We went to church and the Pastor says are you okay? Sure we’re okay, why,” Toni said. “He said, are you sure you’re okay, you should have had that sign up a week ago.”

The couple tells Wane 15 that they will be installing decorations for February by the end of the week, despite the cold temperatures.

“It’s a little harder in these cold month to put them up, but if you know people enjoy it and it makes their day better, god for it,” Toni said.