FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Nielsen ratings are a helpful system that try to calculate how many viewers listen to or watch a station’s content.

“The Nielsen’s were created for television and radio for commercial stations, solely for the purpose so stations would know how much to charge for the commercials,” said Ross McCampbell, the executive director at 90.3 WBCL.

But despite the Christian Radio Station not running any commercials, thus not needing the data to help price out commercials, the most recent Nielsen report had them as the most popular station in Fort Wayne.

“We don’t play commercials, but we do use Nielsens as a gauge to see how we’re doing and how we’re connecting with our listeners,” McCampbell said. “We strive to do the best radio we can, so the most people possible will listen, because we believe we have the best message on the planet … that God loves you and if you let him he’ll have your back.”

McCampbell told WANE 15 that the station has been close to cracking number one in years past, often ending up in the top three, but as of late, they have finally topped the boards.

“We’ve been in the top three for many years, but in the past year and a half, we’ve actually been number one three or four times,” McCampbell said.

It’s something that you haven’t heard on the airwaves: a humble omission from the faith-based station.

“We’ve never shared that on our airwaves, and by the way you called me, we didn’t call you about this,” McCampbell said while laughing. “We’re faith-based, it’s kind of bragging in our eyes.”

For McCampbell and the rest of the team at WBCL, the numbers are a great affirmation, but the main point of emphasis will always be their message touching the hearts of listeners.

“We’d rather reach more people for Christ, that’s our mission to demonstrate his love rather than to be number one in a rating system, that’s just not our game,” McCampbell said.