FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — 18 of 25 beagles sent to Fort Wayne became adoptable on Tuesday, with the hopes of all 18 finding new homes by the end of the day.

The beagles came from a mass breeding facility in Virginia. Humane Fort Wayne sent a four-person crew there last week to pick the beagles up.

They went through surgery yesterday prior to the adoptions.

“It has been a mad dash of a five-day period around here,” Community Relations Manager Melissa Gibson said.

Gibson added that 15 of the first 18 adoptable dogs were regular adoptions. Three of them are foster-to-adopt situations where the new owner may still need support from Humane Fort Wayne before paperwork is completed.

Gibson told WANE 15 that they received nearly 250 adoption applications after they announced that 25 beagles were coming to Fort Wayne.

On Tuesday, people starting lining up as early as 7:00 a.m. to find their new pup.

The first two people in line both drove up from Indianapolis. The first person in line, Amy Walz, drove to Fort Wayne last night and slept in her car just to ensure she would get a beagle.

Walz decided to adopt “Pete Best,” and she couldn’t wait to get him home.

“He was making quite an effort to get seen and get attention,” Walz said. “I really wanted a beagle. I’ve been following this story for a while. I had a beagle-mix before and I found that I just can’t live without one.”

The dogs will all need special patience, work and socialization coming from the breeding facility.

Gibson said human interaction is new to them and it’s going to take time for the dogs to adjust.

“This is not your average, every day I’m going to go in and adopt a puppy,” she said.

The other seven beagles will become adoptable in the coming days and weeks. Gibson said those particular dogs have been experiencing some fearfulness as they try to adapt to new environments.