FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A local volunteer has returned from a relief trip organized by the State Convention of Baptists (SCBI).

Jerry Jones says during the trip his team mostly cut up trees that were leaning on houses or obstructing structures.

“We would cut them up and take them out to the street for FEMA to pick up,” said Jones.

Jones, a Fort Wayne resident, says that he wasn’t familiar with the damage of the hurricane until he took the trip.

“People’s belongings out of their home. Carpet drywall, and their furnishings out in the front street… in their front yard. That was tough to take,” said Jones.

But according to him, it wasn’t just the practical help of cutting down trees that made his volunteer time impactful.

“Two chaplains would come with us,” said Jones, “While we were working, they would get to know the homeowner. After the job, we would give that homeowner a bible, sign our names, get in a circle and pray for them.”

Before heading down for disaster relief, Jones says that the disaster relief team put together by the SCBI required an orientation which he did in Indianapolis. More technical roles on the disaster relief team require longer training on how to operate equipment and perform more specific forms of help.

You can find more information on the SCBI disaster relief program here.