Back-to-school jitters not just for students

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(WANE) – Back-to-school jitters appear to be affecting parents, too.

A University of Michigan poll showed parents of schoolchildren are worried about academic gaps, repeating virtual school, social skills, and vaccination rates.

“One in three parents felt that at least one aspect of the modified 2020-21 school year was better for their child than the prior year, academically or for relationships with teachers and peers. In contrast, over half of parents cited at least one area in which 2020-21 was worse for their child. This was particularly true when the child spent most of the 2020-21 school year in virtual learning,” according to the poll.

The poll also found establishing a working virtual schooling option was difficult. Technical barriers became a top concern. Many parents struggled to find a dedicated device for their child, adequate internet access, and a place for their child to learn that was quiet and comfortable.

“Parents noted that the challenges of the 2020-21 school year were more difficult due to increased stress – their own and their child’s – as well as uncertainty about how to implement virtual learning,” noted the poll.

The poll’s co-director suggests parents learn about their school’s mitigation measures and talk to their kids.

You can read the full poll and its findings by clicking here.

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