***WARNING: A video linked in this story contains graphic content not suitable for all readers***

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A man accused of leading Fort Wayne police on a chase throughout the south side of the city before striking his mother with a car on Winter Street this past Friday is facing a litany of preliminary charges, including attempted murder and drug dealing.

At least one officer fired shots in the chaos at the culmination of the chase and another needed to use a taser to detain 38-year-old Jajuan Burley.

Police also arrested Burley’s mother on felony obstruction of justice charge, accusing her of trying to take drugs from her son before police could converge on his car, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents.

Jujuan Burley
Jujuan Burley

Video of a Nissan Altima purportedly driven by Burley striking a woman and sending her airborne on Winter Street quickly went viral on social media in the aftermath of the chase.

Police tried to perform a traffic stop on the Altima at the intersection of Clinton and Creighton Avenue just before 10 a.m. on Friday, court documents said.

The car never stopped for officers, and Burley is accused of leading them on a 15-minute chase that ended with him stopping in the middle of the 5100 block of Winter Street.

At that point, a woman identified as Juanita Gray – his mother – ran out of a home, court documents said.

Burley is accused of handing a wallet to Gray, according to court documents. Gray is then accused of trying to walk back to the front door of the home while refusing to comply with officers’ commands to stop and drop the wallet, court documents said.

While officers went towards Gray, Burly is accused of going “from a complete stop in the middle of the road to drive his vehicle at officers,” an investigator wrote in court documents.

Burley is accused of accelerating north on Winter Street at a high rate of speed before pulling a U-turn in the middle of the road and going into the front yard of a home where his mother was standing, court documents said.

One officer barely got out of the way of the Altima, according to court documents, as the car went straight toward Gray.

The Altima struck Gray, sending her through the air, and also hit an officer, court documents said. The car then hit another vehicle at one of the homes nearby and stopped, according to court documents.

Videos detailing the scene captured the sound of gunshots, court documents said, as well as Burley trying to walk toward the front door of a home while saying, “Kill me.”

In the aftermath of the chase, Fort Wayne police said in a statement an officer fired a gun at some point during the incident. Indiana State Police are involved in the investigation to make sure proper procedures are followed.

Detectives found that $1,640 worth of cash had been dispersed everywhere in the front yard of the home as Gray was struck holding the wallet given to her by her son, according to court documents.

The wallet contained multiple bags of illegal drugs, as well, police said in court documents.

Officers found three bags containing a total of 4.4 grams of fentanyl, a bag of methamphetamine weighing 3.6 grams, a bag of cocaine weighing 4.3 grams, and a bag of crack cocaine weighing 2.5 grams inside the wallet Burley is accused of handing his mother.

They also found six pills identified as Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate, a scheduled II-controlled substance, court documents said.

On Aug. 24, police were given a tip that Burley had been dealing fentanyl.

“Drug dealers routinely package narcotics in multiple bags in various weights for ease of distribution,” an investigator wrote in court documents. “Drug dealers commonly possess different types of illegal narcotics to satisfy a wider consumer base.”

Burley is also accused of trying to grab an officer’s gun as he was being arrested, court documents said.

Booked into Allen County Lockup on a $275,000 bond, Burley is facing the following charges:

  • One count of attempted murder
  • One count of dealing in methamphetamine
  • Two counts of dealing in a narcotic drug
  • One count of dealing cocaine
  • One count of battery by means of a deadly weapon
  • One count of disarming a law enforcement officer
  • Criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon
  • Resisting law enforcement

His mother was booked into Allen County Jail as well but has since been released on bail.