FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne City Councilman Jason Arp planned to initiate an investigation into Mayor Tom Henry’s arrest for operating while intoxicated in October 2022.

However, a majority of councilmembers struck down the resolution after it failed to pass introduction in a 3-6 vote.

Only councilmembers Glynn Hines, Paul Ensley and Jason Arp voted in favor of the resolution.

City of Fort Wayne spokesman John Perlich released a statement Tuesday night regarding the resolution after it failed to pass:

We’re glad that a resolution introduced by Councilman Arp was voted down at the introduction stage.

The community has moved on from Mayor Henry’s incident from last fall. Mayor Henry has followed every step in the proper manner since last October’s incident.

We don’t believe it would have been appropriate for taxpayer dollars to be spent on a matter that’s already been resolved through the court system.

In Arp’s resolution, he wrote that the members of the council who vote for his proposal would be:

“Authorized to conduct an investigation into the events surrounding and leading up to the arrest of Mayor Tom Henry that took place on October 8, 2022, any prior similar events, including but not limited to, any incarceration, investigation, charges, plea agreement, or conviction of Mayor Tom Henry. The investigation shall include, but is not limited to, investigating Mayor Tom Henry and the departments, officers, employees and agents of the City, and all other persons involved in any aspect of the handling of events surrounding and leading up to the arrest of Mayor Tom Henry that took place on October 8, 2022, any prior similar events, including, but not limited to, officers of the City of Fort Wayne Police Department”

With multiple councilmembers voting both ways, members on both sides had remarks regarding the resolution.

Councilman Russ Jehl, who recently proposed hiring a third party to examine the bodycam footage from Mayor Henry’s arrest, said he voted against Arp’s resolution because he felt there was too much political influence.

“A mayoral candidate bringing this legislation makes in inherently political, regardless of the sponsor’s good intentions,” Jehl said.

Councilman Geoff Paddock, who voted against an introduction for the first time as a councilmember, said he believed Mayor Henry has “made restitution” and apologized for his actions.

Fort Wayne Police arrested Henry after he collided with another car in a roundabout on Old Mill Road near Foster Park on Oct. 8.

Henry’s blood-alcohol-level was over the legal limit, and he told officers at the scene he had been at a function where he drank wine.

During the ensuing weeks, media outlets clamored for police body cam footage surrounding the incident, which was ultimately released toward the end of December.

The footage showed Henry at times respectful of officers at the scene and at other times displaying anger, telling one he would not forget being put in the back seat of a police vehicle.

Henry later pleaded guilty to one count of operating while intoxicated.

Arp previously tried to advance a proposal that would have cut Henry’s operating budget. That proposal was shot down by other council members.