Usually, we have about 1.9″ in November and we’ve already seen 3.2″ through November 18 in Fort Wayne. So, is the area on record pace for snowfall? Probably not. The 30-year-average snowfall is 1.6″.

In 2021 Fort Wayne only had 1.06″ of snowfall but just two years before that in 2019, there was 6.4″ of snowfall recorded at the airport.

The all-time record snowfall for November was set in 1950 when 14.1″ was measured.

Over the last ten years, Fort Wayne has seen snowfall that totaled 3″ over 50% of the time. Since 1992 (which is the year used to calculate the 30-year-average) the area has measured 3″ plus snowfall for November 24% of the time.

Since 1911 (which is the year official records began for Fort Wayne Airport) six inches of snowfall has only been measured 11% of the time.