COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (WANE) — Featuring a menu of ice cream and other desserts that are all dairy-free and gluten-free, Moo-Over in Columbia City has options for all sweet treat fans.

The owner, Julie Hurd, said Moo-Over is the only dessert shop in Indiana to a full vegan and gluten-free menu.

“People can come in and have any dessert they want,” Hurd said.

Now, Moo-Over’s open-minded menu and products were featured Thursday in “America’s Best Restaurants,” a show that aims to highlight places across the U.S. people should “eat at on a weekly basis.”

“America’s Best Restaurants” visited Moo-Over in July to film the episode, which will be one of hundreds that the the show has aired on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Hurd said having camera crews throughout the shop during production turned out to be a unique and fun experience.

“It was awesome that they were able to key [in] on some of our customers who come in here often,” Hurd said. “It was a really amazing moment just to be able to share the secrets I knew.”

Hurd told WANE 15 she wanted to open a plant-based ice cream shop after struggling to find places that offered suitable alternatives to traditional dairy ice cream.

“I love ice cream and ice cream does not love me, so I wanted to open up a shop where I could enjoy a creamy treat,” Hurd said.

Moo-Over offers ice cream flights, and the ice cream is served with a mini shovel.
Moo-Over offers ice cream flights, and the ice cream is served with a mini shovel instead of a spoon.

Although Hurd is aware some people may be wary of trying plant-based ice cream, she said people should at least give it a chance.

“You cannot judge us before you taste our product because our product is pretty amazing,” Hurd said.

Some of the shop’s signature flavors include bourbon vanilla, pumpkin cheesecake and black licorice.

Moo-Over also introduced a new flavor that features sesame seeds and bananas with black coloring to complement the current Halloween themes.

Those interested in watching the Moo-Over episode can do so on Facebook and YouTube.