American Heart Association urging ‘couch potatoes’ to get up

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(WANE) – If you find yourself having free time, the American Heart Association is asking you to not spend it mindlessly scrolling through social media on the couch binge-watching your favorite shows. A new study shows avoiding this type of behavior can help younger adults avoid strokes.

Slowing down too much during off-work hours may increase a young adult’s chance of having a stroke, according to the organization. In a recent study, people who reported 8 or more hours of leisure time a day and low physical activity were 7 times more likely to have a stroke.

The study classifies low activity as a 10-minute daily walk or less. The study’s lead author says sedentary time is increasing in the United States.

The American Heart Association recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. According to AHA statistics, deaths from stroke appear to be on the rise in people 35 to 64 years old.

You can read more about the study’s findings by clicking here.

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