FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Thursday morning there will be another meeting with a federal judge about the site of a new jail in Allen County.

Allen County commissioners say they’ve vetted seven sites for a new jail.

It’s been a big debate regarding where and how to fix the overcrowding and alleged poor treatment of inmates.

The commissioners have to show the judge they have a long-term plan to correct human right violations in the existing downtown jail.

Judge Damon R. Leichty rendered his opinion March 31 on a lawsuit against Allen County by the ACLU of Indiana because of the treatment of inmates and overcrowding.

It says a growing number of inmates are forced to sleep on the floor on plastic beds, which the judge originally found “disgusting.”

One of those proposed locations is on the southeast side of Fort Wayne and it’s an idea 6th District City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker is pushing against.

“I’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure I have been gathering all the facts, the data, reaching out to, trying to talk to all the commissioners, and I have been attending neighborhood meetings,” Tucker said.

Tucker said she has concerns over how it will impact the southeast side.

“Making sure that everyone is aware the sheer disparity and the challenges southeast Fort Wayne would have to overcome should a jail be placed in our community,” Tucker said.

Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters says they are taking many things into account when deciding on a new location for the jail.

“We have heard from the citizens of the southeast side’s concerns, so we continue to vet to see if there is something else out there that provides a better, more workable solution,” Peters said.

Peters says now they just have to wait to see what the judge says.

“We have no idea whether the judge will grant any time to provide the extra due diligence that may be necessary or now that he’s got the order in hand, allow for a change of sites, but all we can do is try,” Peters said.