COLUMBUS, Ohio (WANE) An advocacy group involved with promoting the rights of hunters and anglers is pushing to amend the Ohio State Constitution to ensure the right to hunt and fish in the state.

T. Roosevelt Action announced Tuesday it’s launching a campaign to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot for voters to consider. The resolution has been officially introduced as HJR 5 in the Ohio legislature.

“The right to hunt and fish is deeply woven into the fabric of Ohio’s heritage,” said State Representative Ron Ferguson (R-Wintersville), one of HJR 5’s primary sponsors. “This joint resolution is about more than just preserving traditions; it’s about safeguarding our state’s rich environment, supporting rural economies, and protecting individual rights. We must stand together to ensure these rights are not eroded by misguided policies or special interest groups.”

According to T. Roosevelt Action, 23 other states already have a constitutionally protected right to fish and hunt. If passed by the legislature, the newly introduced amendment would appear on the 2024 ballot.