ANGOLA, Ind. (WANE) — A sign war has broken out in Angola, and two men behind the war told WANE 15 what started it all.

Angola NAPA store owner, Josh Witt, was looking for a way to engage with his new neighbors. He bought the store only two months ago. That’s when marketing manager, Scott Clay, stepped in. Inspired by a sign war he observed in Warsaw, Clay thought it was a great way to engage with Witt’s new community.

“We’re actually inspired by this box pitstop in Warsaw, Indiana, started a sign war. And the community’s response was just extremely positive. And we thought all of our customers are coming in. We wanted to bring that same light to Angola.”

The men arranged their marquee board with their closest neighbor Pizza Hut to start to sign war, saying, “Hey Pizza Hut, is it cheesy to start a sign war?” It didn’t take long for the staff at Pizza Hut to notice.

“And surely enough we put the sign up and by the end of the day I was leaving Angola and Pizza Hut delivery driver pulled in and she got out and went up took a picture of the sign,” said Clay, “I said ‘hey are you guys gonna participate?’ and they said, ‘we’re good to go!’ and it’s been just taken off from there.”

Shortly after, other businesses wanted to join in on the fun, including Trine University.
The guys started a Facebook group titled Angola Sign Wars to document the signs of Angola businesses that are targeting one another, all in good fun.

When asked what their end goal is, the men said they just want to give the community a good laugh.

“We haven’t smiled and laughed as much since the COVID,” said Witt, “A sign created all this, and it’s just you know a relaxation. Everyone’s trying to hire, people are hard to find, we’re all in the same boat so take a break. Especially around the holiday time, Memorial Day weekend, let’s relax a little, so that’s kind of the goal of it. “

Participating businesses include Pizza Hut, KFC, Wings Etc., fitt4life, Heritage Club, Scoops ice cream shop, and The Comb Over Barbershop.

To follow the great Angola sign war, head to their Facebook page.