FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — WANE 15 posed the same set of questions to the three candidates running in Fort Wayne’s Republican mayoral primary.

Councilman Jason Arp, Councilman Tom Didier and businessman Eddie Ribel did not know the questions in advance and were asked to keep their answers to around one minute.

(Jesse Crammer withdrew from the race before his name could be taken off the ballot.)

Early voting takes place at the Rousseau Centre, 1 E Main St, Fort Wayne, though May 1.

The municipal primary will be held on May 2.

What in your background qualifies you to be mayor?

What is the biggest issue facing the city and how would you fix it?

Have public/private partnerships like Parkview Field, The Landing, Electric Works or the trails been good for the city and would you like to see more of them?

Why does Mayor Henry keep winning and why should he not win again?

What is your favorite public place in Fort Wayne and why?