Fort Wayne residents travel to Washington D.C. for Biden’s presidential inauguration

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Some folks in the Summit City didn’t want to miss out on witnessing history first-hand Wednesday. They made their way up to Washington D.C. to see the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden for themselves.

Empty streets and thousands of guards for security were Amar Al Masri and Sam Jarjour’s biggest observations.

“I’ve been to D.C. dozens of times and it’s totally different than all other times,” Al Masri said. “Streets are empty, city’s locked, windows are boarded, guards everywhere on every corner.”

“I felt safe,” Jarjour added. “There were more troops there than we have deployed in battle zones.”

Many Fort Wayne residents chose not to go to the inauguration after seeing The U.S. Capitol riots on January 6. Al Masri and Jarjour were not discouraged.

“I felt that D.C. was the safest city on earth with all the guards and security around it,” Al Masri said of the largely shut down city. “Safety was not an issue. History is in the making. That’s why I came.”

Jarjour felt the same sentiment.

“I wasn’t really fearful that something violent was going to happen in D.C. in light of all the security, but I felt it was a historical event that I wanted to be close to.”

Both men were personally proud to watch Biden take his place as leader of the country.

“I felt a little bit at ease,” Al Masri concluded. “It’s a good change that we need, that this country needs. Change, stability and some wisdom.”

“The last four years have been very divisive and that is about to change and possibly it’s going to be a healing time, a better time than it has been,” Jajour said.

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