FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Hyrum Hart won the Professional Disc Golf Association Junior World Championship for players younger than 12 back in mid-July.

Later that month, the Fort Wayne native would turn 12 years old.

Becoming a professional at such a young age was really sparked by a serendipitous visit to the garage where he found some discs.

“Those discs were like 20-25 years old. I used to play years ago, and he picked them up, came over here and fell in love with it immediately,” Hyrum’s father, David Hart, said.

After finding the discs, Hyrum played for fun in Shoaff Park until he caught the competitive bug at age 9.

“In 2020 I played my first tournament, and after that I just thought tournaments were super fun and I just wanted to play more tournaments,” said Hyrum

Hyrum said he won that first tournament by 17 strokes, almost as good as the ten he won at the recent Junior World Championship.

That tournament took place in Peoria, and Hyrum proudly said the trophy sits on his shelf.

A shelf that may soon have many more pieces of hardware as he doesn’t plan to stop competing. In fact, he has a tournament in Kalamazoo this weekend.

His parents say Hyrum is completely self-driven. They don’t push him beyond his desire to play, and sometimes even have to slow him down.

“When I wake up at ten at night and I hear the basket chains in the garage because he’s out there putting, and you have to tell him to go bed, there’s some drive there,” said David. “At times we worry if it’s too much.”

Hyrum’s mother, Ivory, says that she is much more concerned about the person Hyrum is becoming, and less concerned about his on-field results.

“For me it’s about the big picture. Is he going to become a good man?” said Ivory. “That’s what I’m thinking about, so disc golf is medium for him to become an excellent person.”

Ivory also says that she didn’t see his competitive spirit coming and called it “frightening,” in a loving way.

“I’m not a competitive person so I never thought I’d have this trophy winning kid.”

Trophies or not, the pair of parents are proud of the person that Hyrum is becoming, and some of that Ivory says comes from his time on the course.

“Most of all I’m excited about the virtues of sportsmanship that he’s learning.”