FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Preparations for the 2020 Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball season continue at Parkview Field, in spite of Opening Day’s delay due to the national emergency created by the coronavirus pandemic. Installation of the ballpark’s brand new HD LED video board began Monday morning.

In addition to the video board, this off-season at Parkview Field has also featured upgrades to the ballpark’s sound system, outfield-wall video boards, and technology control room. LED ribbon boards and other video screen displays will be added soon as well. Parkview Field will boast more than 3,000 square feet of video screen displays in 2020, approximately doubling its previous square footage of video screen displays.

“Parkview Field will look and sound better than ever,” TinCaps President Mike Nutter said. “These are our most significant ballpark enhancements since opening in 2009 as we continue to strive to give our fans the best possible experience.”

The projects are a collaboration among Neoti (an LED video display manufacturer based in nearby Bluffton, Indiana), All Pro Integrated Systems (a subsidiary of Fort Wayne-based Sweetwater), and Don R. Fruchey, Inc. (a Fort Wayne industrial equipment installation company).

“Having completed projects around the nation, we’re excited to partner with the TinCaps in Northeast Indiana,” said Neoti President and CEODerek Myers. “We recognize the standard that has been set by the TinCaps and the City of Fort Wayne with Parkview Field, and it’s our honor and goal to exceed expectations with our LED video display products and services.”

Neoti, which manufactured the HD LED video board, has previously partnered with the likes of the Indianapolis Colts, Indy Eleven, and all major broadcast networks.

Quick Facts on Parkview Field’s New HD Video Board

·  53-feet, 6-inches wide and 25-feet, 2-inches tall

·  Upgrade to High Definition from previous board’s Standard Definition

·  10mm LED Display (previous board was 20mm), meaning higher resolution

·  Brightness: 11,000 nits, meaning a much brighter board

·  Manufactured by Neoti

·  Steel and structure updates by Don R. Fruchey, Inc.

·  Control room and additional installation help by All Pro Integrated Systems

·  Ability to show still image graphics, animations, and live video feed

Quick Facts on Parkview Field’s Outfield-Wall Video Boards

·  One display built into wall in left-center field and one display in wall in right-center field

·  Each display is 16-feet, 9-inches wide and 9-feet, 5-inches tall

·  Upgrading to High Definition from previous Standard Definition

·  10mm LED Display (previous boards were 20mm), meaning higher resolution

·  Brightness: 11,000 nits, meaning much brighter boards

·  Ability to show still image graphics and animations

·  Options available for corporate partners

Quick Facts on Parkview Field’s Ribbon Boards

·  One display on the first-base side and one on the third-base side

·  Each display is 92-feet, 4-inches wide and 6-feet, 4-inches tall

·  Ability to show still image graphics and animation

·  Options available for corporate partners

More Quick Facts on Parkview Field Video Enhancements

·  Upgrading all cameras to HD 1920×1080 pixels

·  All live camera shots and replays for the main video board will be in HD

·  Broadcasts on Comcast Network 81 and MiLB.TV will also be in HD

The TinCaps first announced plans for these Parkview Field enhancements in October.

On March 12, Minor League Baseball announced that its Opening Day, originally scheduled for April 9, is postponed as Major League Baseball has closed Spring Training camps. The TinCaps are keeping fans posted on the latest updates surrounding the team and Parkview Field at

Click here for videos and photos of the project.