As longtime friends and former Cowboys teammates, Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin’s bond has been going strong for decades. And, evidently, the pair appear to be as grateful as ever to still have one another in their lives.

An emotional look back on their friendship during Friday’s Undisputed, where Sanders appeared as a guest, led to a heartfelt moment in Boulder between the first-year Colorado coach and Irvin, who joined the FS1 show in August.

During the segment, Irvin broke into a story about Sanders, whom he played with for five years, helping him get into television amid personal struggles after his NFL retirement in 2000. The 57-year-old then praised Sanders for being an ambassador.

“He’s always been that way with everybody, he helps everybody and I love him,” Irvin said.

Former Cowboys teammates Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin have shared a strong connection dating back to their playing days.

Ron Jenkins/IMAGO

Before Irvin could finish, Sanders jumped in to commend him in kind, and quickly became emotional as he cited a time the fellow Hall of Famer came over to his house to help him prepare for the start of his own TV career.

“Darn it, I’m getting emotional,” Sanders said as his voice grew raspier with emotion. “This man did that for me. He didn’t have to do that, and he wanted me to be the best and prepared me for this next level of my life. That’s friendship, man, no matter what goes on, that’s friendship. And that’s one of the reasons, whenever he calls, I’m picking it up on the first ring cause I love him, man.”

The two took a moment to exchange pleasantries as the crowd applauded before Sanders walked around the table to hug Irvin.

With Colorado focused on Saturday’s hyped home game against USC, Friday’s on-air scene made for a nice break away from the X’s and O’s, and another classic moment in a catalog full of them for Sanders and Irvin.