1. You may think that’s a clickbait headline above, and it sure as hell is, but Dolphins wide out Tyreek Hill is the one who told the Bucs’ Mike Evans during a Twitch stream this week that when he retires from the NFL, he’d like to go into the porn business.

Given that Hill’s nickname is “Cheetah,” he would likely be in high demand from porn companies just based on the potential for movie titles featuring the dynamic receiver.

Before Hill possibly lands an X-rated gig, we need to talk about his current job. We all know that Hill is one of the best players in the league and should get MVP consideration. But we need to acknowledge that Hill is also an MVP when it comes to celebrations.

Hill had many chances to celebrate on Sunday, with the Dolphins’ putting up 70 on the Broncos and he came through. NFL Films captured two great moments from Hill.

First was Hill jumping over the wall in the end zone and celebrating with fans after scoring a 31-yard touchdown in what was an awesome visual. 

Then microphones picked up Hill begging his teammates to “do our celebration we’ve been working on” before the team ran a red zone play, which prompted Tua Tagovailoa to respond, “we’re gonna do the celebration when we score right here.”

Of course, the Dolphins scored and the team broke out a choreographed team dance.

Both celebrations can be seen here.

Here’s a bonus Hill clip for you from Sunday’s game. Hopefully he learns how to pronounce “camaraderie” before having sex with people for a living.

2. It was not my intent to make this a racy version of “Traina Thoughts,” but this callout Tuesday night by Braves play-by-play man Brandon Gaudin can’t be ignored.

3. Props to Andrew Marchand and John Ourand for asking MLB commissioner Rob Manfred about the sport’s ridiculous streaming packages on their podcast this week. I guess Manfred deserves credit for saying “fragmentation is not good for fans,” but I didn’t love his overall answer because he avoided the real reason why baseball has made so many broadcast deals: to make money. Plain and simple. It’s not about growing the game.

4. Here is this week’s edition of the best recurring segment on all of sports TV: Bad Beats.

5. You won’t be able to avoid the stories today about Travis Kelce discussing the topic of Taylor Swift’s attending Sunday’s Chiefs game on his podcast. Personally, I enjoyed this exchange from Travis and his brother, Jason, more than any of the Swift stuff:

Travis: I’ve noticed a few things, like paparazzi outside of my house. 100%, and they all have British accents or something European

Jason: How do you know they’re paparazzi?

Travis: They have a camera in their hands and they’re screaming my name.

6. The latest SI Media With Jimmy Traina podcast features a conversation with Kevin Clark, who now hosts This Is Football for ESPN and Omaha Productions.

Clark talks about why he recently made the move from The Ringer to ESPN, whether he will continue to write and how sports media has changed since COVID-19.

Other topics covered with Clark include the possible Travis Kelce–Taylor Swift romance, changes he’d like to see networks make for NFL coverage, Bill Belichick’s personality, what we know about the NFL season and much more.

Following Clark, Sal Licata from WFAN radio and SNY TV in New York joins me for our weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week, we discuss Week 2 of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube, ESPN’s curious assignments for Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, Sean McVay’s decision to kick a meaningless field goal and upset a lot of bettors and HBO’s canceling Winning Time. Plus, I make an announcement.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify and Google.

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: I’ve posted this video a few times over the years, going back to my “Hot Clicks” days. With Apple releasing a new iPhone last week, I thought I’d trot it out again because it never fails to make me laugh since it’s so accurate.

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