Colorado's blowout loss to Oregon on Saturday ended the Buffaloes' impressive undefeated start, but the discourse surrounding Deion Sanders's team hasn’t slowed down much

The latest strange take on Colorado’s first loss came from Undisputed’s Keyshawn Johnson, who says he found out through a conversation with a college coach that Oregon received substantial assistance in game-planning for the Buffaloes from other schools.

“They [were] telling me ‘Man, I’ve never heard from another assistant coach of how much information was being given to that [Oregon] staff about game-planning against Colorado so they can beat them,” Johnson said.

The insinuation here from Johnson is that other programs wanted Colorado to lose badly, with co-host Skip Bayless alluding to jealousy across the coaching profession of Sanders’ meteoric rise.

Here’s the full exchange:

The take quickly raised eyebrows across the college football world, namely because coaches sharing information about past opponents is common practice in the sport. Plus, the Ducks clearly outclassed Colorado Saturday, winning 42–6 and outgaining the Buffaloes 518 yards to 194. No amount of opponent tidbits would have changed the outcome of the game.

A side effect of all the extra buzz Sanders has brought to college football are takes like Johnson’s. And with a big showdown this weekend against Caleb Williams and USC in Boulder, Colorado’s moment in the spotlight isn’t winding down anytime soon.