The NBA G League has long been used as a test site for new or unique rules that have either become popular in basketball elsewhere and/or rules they may want to eventually implement in the NBA.

For example, in 2019, the NBA G League implemented a new free throw rule. On shooting fouls, a player will shoot one free throw worth two (or three) points until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or in overtime. At that time, any shooting foul that takes place will lead to “regular” free throw rules where the player takes a shot for each point (two or three).

The league has also been used to test rules that have later been adopted by the NBA, including a 14-second shot clock reset and the coach’s challenge.

Heading into the 2022-2023 season, the NBA G League is adding new rules once again.


Beginning in 2022-23, games that advance to overtime will be determined by a Final Target Score.  The winner of an overtime game during the season will be the first team to reach or surpass the Final Target Score, which will be the tied score after four quarters plus seven.  For example, if the teams are tied at 100-100, the Final Target Score would be 107.  Overtime will be untimed and games will end when a team makes a basket or free throw to reach or surpass the Final Target Score.


All 31 games at the 2022 AT&T NBA G League Winter Showcase in Las Vegas will utilize a 25-point Final Target Score during an untimed fourth quarter. Under this model, the Final Target Score will be the leading team’s score after three quarters plus 25.

The Showcase Cup begins on Friday, Nov. 4 and culminates with a single-elimination tournament to crown a champion at the 2022 AT&T NBA G League Winter Showcase from Dec. 19-22.  During the Showcase Cup, teams are separated into four Regional pods and play 16 games against one another in NBA G League markets.  The teams with the best winning percentage in each regional pod, along with the next four teams across the league with the best win-percentages, will advance to compete for the Showcase Cup during Winter Showcase.