Garrett’s Nick Kraus prepares to headline main event title fight at the Coliseum

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A husband and a father of four, Garrett High School’s state champion wrestling coach Nick Kraus likes to spend his free time watching the Cubs, fishing, spending time with his family and competing in mixed martial arts cage fighting.

“I’m a little bit goofy a little bit crazy, I guess, but it’s something I like to do. Some people get it twisted and they’re like, oh my gosh he’s doing cage fighting. What if it was fishing and I was that passionate about that. I don’t look at this as fighting I look at it as a sport that I enjoy doing.” Kraus said.

An MMA fighter with a professional career of 11-5, Kraus’ mixed martial arts journey was born from a late-night pizza delivery.

“What happened was I ordered a pizza in college from Domino’s and (the box) said interested fighters call Scott Johnson at this number. So I told my roommate I’m like I’m going to call this number. He’s like you’re crazy and I’m like no, I want to try it, it’ll be cool. So when I called in, he named a few names and he named one name and I said I want to fight that guy, and he goes why that guy, and I’m like well we wrestled twice in high school and he beat me once, I won. And that was how I got started.” Kraus said.

On Saturday, July 31st, all the time and effort Kraus has put in over the last few months will finally come together Nick Kraus will face Collin Huckbody for the Art of Scrap World Championship Middleweight Title and all eyes will be on the hometown fighter from Garrett.

“This is a real deal, it’s the Coliseum, like right now this is my Mount Rushmore, this is my pinnacle, this is what I want to see happen,” Kraus said.

Headed into the big fight, Kraus is looking for his 12th professional win in front of friends and family.

“I’m gonna pressure him a lot. He’s not gonna like it. I’m gonna take him down. And I think eventually he’s gonna will under pressure. In my mind, I win by unanimous decision or I get a submission or a finished in the second or third.” Kraus said.

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