INDIANAPOLIS — A 1-1-1 is record is surely something no one predicted for the Indianapolis Colts to start the 2022 season.

However, considering how the team has played, 1-1-1 is a good place to be. If not for two questionable decisions by the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts could — and probably should — be 0-3.

Let’s look at the numbers.

The Colts are last in the NFL in scoring with just 40 points through three games. And remember, that includes a full 10-minute overtime period in week 1 at Houston.

The offense has produced just four touchdown drives, and three of those come with an asterisk. In Houston, the Colts went 20 yards in four plays to score after a Texans fumble. Against the Chiefs, it was a 4-yard drive in three plays after a K.C. muffed punt. Even the game-winning, 76-yard drive in week 3 is tainted by the bizarre unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Chris Jones that turned a fourth and 14 punting situation into first and 10 at midfield with just 5 minutes to play.

That means in three-plus games of action, the Colts have mounted just one legitimate, sustained touchdown drive.

The team needs more from the offensive line. Jonathan Taylor needs room to run. Matt Ryan needs time to throw.

The good news is that despite the struggles and lack of points, the Colts are just a half-game back of AFC South leader Jacksonville. In fact, a Colts win Sunday against Tennessee coupled with a Jaguars loss in Philadelphia would land the Horseshoe alone in first place in the division.

Colts fans need to thank Houston offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton for passing when the Texans were up 14 with just 10 minutes to play and Jones of K.C. for saying whatever he did to Ryan to draw the fateful flag this past Sunday.

Instead of 0-3, the Colts have been given a second chance on the season. Now it’s time to take advantage against the reigning division champions from Nashville.

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