Columbia City’s Longenbaugh battles brain cancer


ROANOKE, Ind. (WANE) – There isn’t much Jackson Longenbaugh didn’t do.

As a senior at Columbia City High School, tennis was just one of many outlets. He played doubles and Jackson loved the competitiveness of the game.

With numerous pursuits, the Longenbaugh’s didn’t find it unusual when Jackson started getting headaches in the spring of his senior year. He was checked out initially and stress was deemed the culprit.

But after another spell of severe headaches and a trip to the emergency room, Jackson and his family learned it was something far more serious.

The day of prom, they received word that he had brain cancer.

It was something the Longenbaugh’s couldn’t fathom. From a healthy, outgoing and driven student in one moment to a cancer patient with a baseball sized tumor on his brain the next.

Surgery a week later to remove the two tumors went as smoothly as possible, but returning to school was out of the question.

He did celebrate prom with a group of friends at his house and Jackson was able to walk at graduation. Unsurprisingly, the senior was near the top of his class.

Now Jackson and his father must spend their weeks in Indianapolis receiving treatment including chemo. They are only able to return home on the weekend.

The 18-year-old isn’t in the clear just yet. He has about a week left of treatment before a break from the medication followed by a reevaluation by doctors.

Even with this diagnosis, Jackson isn’t putting his life on hold. After talking with his family and Ball State, he plans to attend his first semester of college this fall.

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