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Which meal prep bags are best?

People lead incredibly busy lives and it’s very common to find yourself hungry without any of the time you need to actually cook something worth eating. Sure you could go eat at Whataburger for the fourth time this week, but meal prepping on the one day you have the time to cook and storing everything you’ll want to eat for the week into meal prep bags is a far healthier and more affordable option.

The best meal prep bag is the PrepNaturals Meal Prep Lunch Bag. This incredibly versatile bag comes with tons of additional add-ons like containers, ice packs, and even a pill dispenser. It can also serve as a gym bag for even more versatility.

What to know before you buy meal prep bags

Types of meal prep bags

There are three main types of meal prep bags: backpacks, shoulder straps, and lunch boxes.

  • Backpacks: Backpack meal prep bags tend to be amongst the largest available, frequently storing up to six meals. They even have extra sections for water bottles and laptops, which makes them perfect as an all-around backpack option in addition to being insulated for food.
  • Shoulder straps: Shoulder strap meal prep bags can be found in most sizes from small to large depending on your wants and needs. The shoulder strap isn’t as comfortable to haul around as backpack-style meal prep bags, but it’s much easier than a lunch box-style meal prep bag.
  • Lunch boxes: Generally, the lunch box meal prep bag can only hold two meals and possibly a snack and/or water bottle. They’re meant to be thrown into larger bags like standard backpacks or gym bags, but you can also carry them with you if you’re having a picnic, for example.


There’s more to size than just how many containers of food you can hold or how easy or difficult it is to haul your bag around. You also have to consider how the weight of the meal prep bag is affected once you’ve filled it with all the food.

What to look for in quality meal prep bags


Most meal prep bags are insulated. Not all insulation is created equally though, so make sure you’re purchasing a bag with the best possible insulation. Best practices for checking insulation quality is to read user reviews and consider how the bag seals.

Pockets and additional compartments

The main container isn’t the only compartment a meal prep bag has. Most meal prep bags also include little pockets or full bonus sections for storing snacks, utensils, and anything else you want to pack.


Meal prep bags can come bundled with a truly dizzying array of options and they vary from bag to bag. 

How much you can expect to spend on meal prep bags

Meal prep bags as a general rule aren’t terribly expensive. You can find small and inexpensive meal prep bags for as little as $15, sometimes even less. You can also secure an excellent midrange meal prep bag for only double that amount. If you really want the top-of-the-line meal prep bags with superior insulation and huge sizes you could find yourself spending up to $100.

Meal prep bags FAQ

How can I tell if the containers I already have will fit in my prospective meal prep bag?

A. The meal prep bag will list its dimensions on the product page, so it’s very easy to tell if your containers will fit inside them. Just measure what you have and compare it against your prospective meal prep bag’s dimensions.

Will my meal prep bag keep my hot foods hot?

A. Kind of. Even meal prep bags with the best insulation available will probably only be able to keep hot foods at a reasonable level of warmth, rather than the hot temperature they were when you put them in your container. You can help things along by using stainless-steel containers, as they retain heat much better than the usual glass and plastic containers.

What are the best meal prep bags to buy?

Top meal prep bag

PrepNaturals Meal Prep Lunch Bag

PrepNaturals Meal Prep Lunch Bag

What you need to know: If you need a lot of versatility, then this meal prep bag set is the perfect option for you.

What you’ll love: Not only does this meal prep set come with tons of additional add-ons, it is also comfortable to use and very easy to clean.

What you should consider: Issues with durability.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top meal prep bag for the money

Fit & Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Insulated Cooler Lunch Box 

Fit & Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Insulated Cooler Lunch Box 

What you need to know: This meal prep bag is large enough to contain a full day’s worth of food, plus a few extras.

What you’ll love: A side pocket lets you slide in a water bottle and the insulation is very thick for proper temperature maintenance.

What you should consider: The containers can cause quite a bit of struggling when trying to open or close them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag

Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag

What you need to know: This compact meal prep bag is one of the more affordable options available.

What you’ll love: Several extra pockets give you the ability to squirrel away some delicious snacks.

What you should consider: Be careful when using the zipper, as it can very easily get stuck.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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