FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Ahead of Indiana’s May 3 primary election, WANE 15 will profile select contested primary races without an incumbent.

Due to term limits, Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux cannot run again, which opens the position for someone new.

Kevin Hunter is the sole Democratic candidate.

Mitch McKinney and Troy Hershberger are the Republicans. In the above video, they share a bit of their background and qualifications for sheriff.

Neither candidate knew the questions ahead of time and both were asked to limit their answers to around one minute.

What is the department doing well and where does it need improvement?

What short-term and long-term improvements should be made to the Allen County Jail and (if needed) what should be included in a new building?

This question was asked before a judge ruled inmates receive cruel and unusual punishment.

What lessons did you learn from the police protests of 2020?

Are you in favor of the new permitless carry law and how will it impact police work?