FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — After months of meetings, feedback and pilot programs, the public has made a decision Tuesday on Fort Wayne Community Schools’ (FWCS) proposed safety referendum.

The safety referendum passed, with over 53% of the vote going in favor of the proposal.

The proposal will introduce a variety of safety initiatives, including adding staff members who would aid in increasing mental health services and security upgrades through portable weapon detection systems.

FWCS has been utilizing the weapon detection systems ahead of Election Day through a pilot program at South Side High School.

“I think we’re putting many pieces in place that are going to create safer schools,” FWCS Superintendent Mark Daniel told WANE 15 in October.

According to FWCS, the referendum will cost homeowners a maximum of $6 per month based on the average homestead property value.

The timeline for when more FWCS schools will have the weapon detection systems in not yet known.