FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The United States is still reacting to the announcement that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the country. While many Hoosiers are celebrating, many are happy to hear President Trump won’t concede until he’s exhausted all legal options to challenge the outcome.

Purdue Fort Wayne Political Science Professor Mike Wolf said Trump supporters should not feel optimistic that the results will change.

“The states won’t certify elections here for a couple of weeks and so there’s no rush, but it appears to be pretty clear that Biden has won,” he said. “The states have to certify still and they can recount. They built in that time to do a recount. So there’s plenty of time to get the count right, but I don’t think it’s very likely to change outcomes.”

Wolf continued by saying it’s fine to make sure everyone’s satisfied with the presidential election’s outcome.

He then noted that while the U.S. president’s impact on residents of Northeast Indiana isn’t as great as local and state politicians, it’s still deeply important to people. The record voter turnout proves how much people care.

“It’s very symbolic,” he explained. “We’re very divided right now as a country. We have some deep political divides that we need to address and there’s a feeling of loss for those that were supporting President Trump and there’s certainly joy for those that were supporting Biden. These elections only happen every four years. They’re very consequential, even if symbolically. People are really engaged.”

Wolf forecasts that coronavirus management and style of governance will be the most important things Hoosiers will monitor Biden for at the start of his term. Bipartisan support will be a key to his success, he says.

“The first few months of the presidency, we’ll see whether Biden demonstrates an approach of tackling big issues in a bipartisan way and tries to look for some issues that both sides of the aisle can kind of agree to pass some legislation on, rather than giving executive orders.”