FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — According to financial reports filed Friday, incumbent Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry (D) had more cash on hand than the other challengers combined, which the Allen County Democratic Chairman was quick to tout.

“Citizens are excited about the direction Fort Wayne is headed under the leadership of Mayor Henry, whose opponents were barely able to scratch the surface of the support he has received,” said Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Derek Camp in a release.

Henry started the year with $226,180 on hand. He raised more than twice that amount, spent $44,754, and had $392,010 on hand.

His primary opponent, Jorge Fernandez, raised $2,247, spent $1,705 and reported $567 on hand.

“I’m so glad for the support that I have received over my time in political life from so many,” Fernandez messaged WANE 15. “It is hard to expect people to donate and then be required to have their name put down as supporting a challenger to an incumbent in a primary. I do feel confident in being able to raise significantly more funds if I do become the nominee.”

Councilman Tom Didier led the way for the GOP.

Starting 2023 with $177,356 on hand, Didier raised around $40,000 more, spent $88,854, and reported $129,106 on hand.

“I am thankful for the continued support for my campaign from a diverse group of donors,” he emailed WANE 15. “Many of them have given money to a campaign for the first time, and that energy is really coming through as we approach the final days of the primary campaign. I appreciate their trust in my approach and am committed to talking about how we can do a better job of putting Fort Wayne first.”

Councilman Jason Arp began the year with $67,490 on hand and reported $35,207 on hand Friday. He raised over $31,000 and spent $64,115.

“All told we raised over $100,000,” Arp messaged WANE 15, then added “we had to spend a little bit in 2022. We continue to raise money after the reporting deadline. We have plenty to run an effective primary campaign.”

Businessman Eddie Ribel showed $50 on hand to start the year and no money on hand on Friday. He reported $2,400 in in-kind donations.

“I have spent my own money with some support from our community,” he messaged WANE 15. “Under $99 I don’t have to declare the donation name. I have done really well.”

Early voting began in the municipal primaries on April 4.

Primary election day is Tuesday, May 2.