As your local election headquarters, WANE 15’s exclusive ‘A House Divided’ project is adding local perspective to the big stories this presidential election year.

All year, the Advancing Voices of Women representatives shared their thoughts on issues dividing the country as we look ahead to the November election. This week, they discussed what they’d like to see in the final days before the final votes will be cast.

Six of the 12 AVOW panelists rotate sitting down with WANE 15’s Alyssa Ivanson for a discussion on various topics. The goal is to have civil conversations on often divisive issues to see if women from different backgrounds and viewpoints can find common ground.

This week, Republicans Aimmie and Amanda, Democrats Ann and Laura and Independents Emily and Abby met with Alyssa via Zoom.

Meet all 12 panelists here.

Watch the entire conversation, edited only into the separate questions, in the videos below. The first video at the top of this story is the panelists’ quick reactions to the first presidential debate and the vice presidential debate. Not every panelist answered every question. No answers were omitted.

QUESTION: In these last few weeks, what are you watching for the candidates to do or say?

QUESTION: Nationally, early voting is six times higher than it was four years ago and in Allen County, 16,000 ballots have been cast compared to 6,000 at this time four years ago. What’s your reaction to those early voting numbers?

QUESTION: Do you think the division plaguing our country now will be better once the election is over?

QUESTION: Are all the important issues being discussed or is the pandemic overshadowing them? Is that a good or a bad thing?

QUESTION: How do you see the women vote so far? What’s your message as “Advancing Voices of Women” representatives to women voters?

QUESTION: What were the most important issues to you?

QUESTION: Final thoughts in the final days leading up to the final votes on November 3rd?