8 questions we asked Braun and Donnelly ahead of Indiana’s Nov. 6 election

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As part of the one-on-one interviews with the U.S. Senate candidates in Indiana’s Nov. 6 election, News 8’s Scott Sanders had a chance to ask incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly and Republican candidate Mike Braun some fun questions about themselves and Indiana.

1. What was your first job? 

Braun: “Selling kitchen cabinets, my only other job.”

Donnelly: “My first job was stocking a warehouse at minimum wage.”

2. If you had to pick a sports jersey from Indiana, what would it be?

Braun: “Number 33, Larry Bird.”

Donnelly: “It would probably be — I’m a graduate of Notre Dame — and so probably a Notre Dame jersey but a little twist on it. I think it’d be a Notre Dame baseball jersey because I love baseball so much and love to play.” 

3. Favorite Indiana food: pork tenderloin, sugar cream pie or something else? 

Braun: “Pork tenderloin.”

Donnelly: “Boy that is just all of the above, but it’d probably be pork tenderloin.”

4. Name an area where you differ from your party

Braun: “Education.”

Donnelly: “The border wall. I voted for funding for it three different times.”

5. Name a person in your opponent’s political party who you respect. 

Braun: “Mayor Bill Schmitt from Jasper.”

Donnelly: “Todd Young, my colleague.”

6. What foreign leader is most important to America’s success?

Braun: “I think the prime minister of Israel.” 

Donnelly: “The king of Jordan has been critical.”

7. What issue is important to you but does not get enough attention?

Braun: “Infrastructure.”

Donnelly: “Making sure that we can get everybody matched up with their skills to a good job.”

8. What’s your favorite place in Indiana to visit?

Braun: “Other than Dubois County, it’d be up in the northeast, the lake area.”

Donnelly: “You know, I love our parks, I love Lake Michigan, I love the Ohio River.”

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