Woman with terminal lung disease marries long-time boyfriend


AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) – An Auburn woman with terminal lung disease got married to her long-time boyfriend Sunday after the whole community joined together to make her last wish come true.

Kasi Perry’s rehabilitation center, Auburn Village, and several Auburn businesses paid for the entire wedding: the food, decorations, DJ, photographers and her dress. The community’s goal was to give the 23-year-old her last wish: to take her long-time boyfriend’s last name before she passes away.

23-year-old Kasi Perry married her long-time boyfriend Sunday as she struggles with terminal lung disease (photo courtesy of Breein Nicole Photography).

“I think every woman should experience something like this regardless if they’re healthy or sick,” said Amy Melcher, Auburn Village’s administrator. “So, we’re very pleased to be a part of this.”

Perry met Christianson Thornton six years ago.

“The first thing that captured me was she was outgoing,” Thornton explained. “She came to me instead of me chasing her. She went out on a limb and asked me to be with her. She’s literally one of the bravest people I know with everything that’s going on. She’s never faltered in her faith in me. She’s always been there by my side through thick and thin.”

He says she’s still one of the bravest people he knows. Even after being diagnosed with lung disease a year ago and being rejected for a lung transplant, Perry’s spirit for life remains strong. Her strength is one of the many reasons why he asked her to marry him.

“I told her I loved her,” Thornton said. “Just because she got sick and she’s not going to get any better doesn’t change that. I told her I’d be with her through sickness and health, til death do us part. That’s what I plan on doing and I plan on trying to make it the best experience for her until that time.”

Thornton, Perry and their young child plan to spend as much time as they can together and keep all negative thoughts away.

“Tomorrow’s not a given,” Thornton said. “So take every day as a blessing with the ones you love and not trying to live in the future and just live day by day and just be thankful for the day that you do have.”

Thornton says if Perry was to get healthy again, his wish would be to take her to see the world.

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