MONTANA (WEHT) — A suspected Chinese spy balloon has made its way across the United States, and many lawmakers are calling for action.

The Pentagon decided not to shoot down the balloon over fears of hurting people below. While many Americans suspect China is spying on us, Chinese officials claim the balloon is used for meteorological research and drifted off course.

As the balloon continues freely across the country, many may wonder — will it fly over the Tri-State?

Eyewitness News Meteorologist Wayne Hart believes it’s possible. He says that based on the upper level winds, there’s a chance the balloon could drift over the Tri-State Friday evening.

(Courtesy: AccuWeather)

Several lawmakers across the country are upset with the Pentagon’s decision. U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke showed his anger through a tweet Friday afternoon:

Shoot. It. Down.

The Chinese spy balloon is clear provocation. In Montana we do not bow. We shoot it down.

Take the shot.

Ryan Zinke (Twitter)

The suspected Chinese spy balloon was first seen over sensitive military sites in Montana. When questioned about the balloon, President Joe Biden declined to comment.

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