When it comes to fireworks spending, study shows Indiana among the top states


(WANE) Indiana is among the top states in the country when it comes to the amount of money spent on fireworks according to a study by Zippia.

Zippia took the dollar amount of firework imports as tabulated by the US trade Census for individual states. Because more populous states would potentially equate to more fireworks imports, Zippia didn’t want a list of the largest states. So it used population numbers from the US Census to get a spending amount per capita.

When the tabulating was complete, Indiana came in 9th behind Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, South Carolina, Wyoming, Nevada, North Dakota and ahead of Ohio

Indiana Imports : $16,375,305
Indiana Imports Per Capita : 2.5

Missouri led all states with $42,283,229 in spending and 6.9 per capita.

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