FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s the same story, just a different day. The trash in the City of Fort Wayne is not being picked up in different neighborhoods.

Red River Waste Solutions tells Fort Wayne city attorneys it’s now back to a full staff of drivers, after COVID took out half of their local workers.

According to Timothy J. Haffner, the city’s attorney, Red River is now running one day behind and expects to be caught up by the end of the week. Seven city trucks are working days, nights and weekends to help Red River, but many of WANE 15 viewers still have trash piles weeks in the making.

WANE 15 explored another option instead of leaving the bin at the curb.

It’s not ideal – or cheap – but taking the trash to the landfill yourself is one option. According to the supervisor on-site, it costs $50.53 cents to drop off up to 900 pounds of trash.

The landfill is operated by Republic Services Waste Disposal, Recycling and Trash Pickup, 6231 MacBeth Rd, Fort Wayne.

“We shouldn’t have to pay extra to get rid of our garbage when we already pay through our utility bill,” stated one viewer.

“I’m just wondering when we will get a discount for services we pay for and aren’t receiving,” asked another viewer.

Fort Wayne residents are charged $12 a month for garbage, recycle and leaf collection or 24 dollars for multifamily units. This puts residents between a rock and a hard place.

Even if they drop off their garbage at the dump, they will still have to pay for trash collection, whether Red River picks it up or not.

“I don’t think we want 86,000 people showing up at the landfill. That’s not a good solution. We need to do better than that,” said Haffner “We [The city] need to hold ourselves and Red River to a standard of some level of compliance. I think the effort that the city staff has taken to provide these services has been extraordinary. We have some very dedicated employees.”

The city seems to have no plan to refund any trash collection money to residents.