(WANE)- An enlarged prostate impacts about half of men ages 50 to 60 and becomes more common the older men get. September is ‘Prostate Health Month’ and top urologists have published a paper that raises awareness of a natural option in supporting prostate health.

The publication is about the role of Saw palmetto extract in prostate health. Saw palmetto is a natural dietary supplement that is an option for men with mild to moderate lower urinary tract symptoms.

Urologist, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt explains the high-quality supplement and how it can help prostate health.

“We know that high quality saw palmetto extract can definitely help men with their urinary symptoms. As a physician we actually do have something that I recommend to my patients its actually a liquid oil extract of saw palmetto,” Dr. Brahmbhatt said. “It actually meets all the criteria, it has the certifications, it has that 80 percent fatty acids which we found based on our consensus statement is what high quality saw palmetto supplement needs,” explained Dr. Brahmbhatt. “Because it meets those criteria, it also has our research backing it and can definitely help men flow better in the future,” Dr. Brahmbhatt said.

Dr. Brahmbhatt added that maintaining a healthy weight, eating the right foods are small ways to help prostate health.

“There’s a lot of guys I see in my office and a lot of us will just go and pick whatever is out there and that is why some of the supplements we take may not work or we don’t feel the affects of taking them,” said Dr. Brahmbhatt. “I think it is very important to take a high quality supplement and when it comes to supplements there are some governing bodies like the USP that certifies really high quality supplements,” explained Dr. Brahmbhatt.

For lower urinary tract symptoms a high-quality supplement is suggested to be used at 320 milligrams daily.