WATCH: Markle’s ‘Hill House’ built out of shipping containers complete


MARKLE, Ind. (WANE) — After more than a year of construction the ‘Hill House’ in Markle is complete, and WANE 15 has your exclusive look inside.

“I am very passionate about this house,” said owner Kyle Decot. “I put what I love into a house and I’m excited it’s done.”

This unique home in Markle was built completely out of shipping containers by Rock Creek Container Homes. The company was founded in 2019 on the idea of creating homes, offices, smokehouses, storm cellars, “she sheds” and bunkers out of shipping containers. The company started building its first home in the fall of 2019 in Markle.

The project was scheduled to be done by early 2020 however, COVID-19 had other plans.

Due to the uncertainty of the virus, contractors didn’t want to take on the project. As the virus continued building materials and other items began to go out of stock and back-ordered.

“It was just one of those small-town things,” Decot said. “You know enough bodies as soon as it (pandemic) hit you call whoever answers the phone and said help me finish this house and they showed up. I love it but there’s no way I couldn’t have done it without my buddies.”

The home is three levels and 3,000 square feet. In total nine shipping containers were used to construct the home.

Once through the front door a spacious kitchen and living area greet guest.

The house has multiple beds and bathrooms. Below are pictures of the master bedroom and bath.

There’s also a floor dedicated for entertaining, which includes a garage door that opens up to a patio.

Before and After of the entertainment floor.

Here’s another view of the entertainment floor.

On the top level is a balcony where you can see a birds-eye view of the town.

View of Markle from the third floor.

There are still odds and ends Decot is working on to complete the house. At this time he does not plan to sell the house.

“Little kids stack blocks all the time,” Decot said. “This is just a big kid stacking some blocks. Anything that you said you wanted to build them out of one I would tell you ‘yes’. Some people can’t think outside of the box or inside of the box either way I think it’s just something that is super neat.”

Since WANE 15’s last visit the container home movement has spread across the state. Currently, the company has three houses in the works, all different but made out of shipping containers.

The interest has been overwhelming and humbling. Decot says if people are interested in building a container house of their own to be patient and know that it could take a few days for the company to reach back out to them.

Once the pandemic is over, Decot hopes to have a party to show off the house and thank all those who helped with the project.

You can see a tour of the house from the owners perspective on YouTube.

For more information about Rock Creek Homes, click here.

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