FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Generally, it only takes a few minutes to find your wallet if you misplace it, but not knowing its location brings a moment of panic until you find it. There are those unfortunate occurrences when it goes missing and you lose it for good.

Brandon Puckett of Indianapolis thought his wallet was gone forever in August of 2021. He was enjoying a Sunday baseball game between the Fort Wayne TinCaps and Dayton Dragons at Parkview Field when he realized he couldn’t find his wallet.

Puckett said he searched all around his seat in section 113, but had no luck. He was on the phone with his bank canceling cards before he even made it to his car. He also said he filed a police report.

“We looked everywhere. We went asking people around us,” Puckett said. “I did not think I’d ever see this [wallet] again for sure.”

That was August 29, 2021. Fast forward to April 12, 2022.

Richard Street, an usher for TinCaps games at Parkview Field, was wiping down seats in section 113 before the gates opened and fans entered the ballpark for the team’s 2022 home opener.

Street found something wedged into one of the seats and when he was able to get it out, it wasn’t what he expected. It was Puckett’s wallet.

That means the wallet was stuck in that spot through the TinCaps final six-game home series, all of the cleaning of the stands, other events at Parkview Field, rain in the fall, and snow and ice in the winter.

“It was unreal, you know, because that was the first game of the season, so you just didn’t think you’d run into anything like that,” Street said.

Street showed the wallet to a WANE 15 crew that happened to be standing in the right place at the right time and said “How long do you think this has been sitting here?”

Great question.

Before he turned the wallet in to guest services, WANE 15 took a few photos of the wallet to see if finding the owner was possible.

WANE 15 searched on social media and found just who they were looking for: Brandon M Puckett, a former student at Marian University who was originally from Illinois.

We connected with Puckett and got his permission to retrieve the wallet for him and bring it to his apartment in Indianapolis.

While at the ballpark, WANE 15 shared the good news with Street and TinCaps team president Mike Nutter.

“That’s just great that you could find him,” Street said.

Nutter called it amazing and said he loved it.

“Not that he lost it, but that after all this time it was able to be returned to the owner,” Nutter said. “When I heard that, I couldn’t believe it. It was out there all winter? And the front office staff, because we were so short with labor last year, we were the ones cleaning the trash for the last couple months. We didn’t do a very good job of finding that sooner.”

Yes, Nutter and his team were the ones out with leaf blowers and garbage bags cleaning up the stadium last fall, but the wallet was apparently determined to remain stuck and blended into the seat.

Puckett doesn’t hold it against them one bit. He said he’s grateful to WANE 15 and the TinCaps alike for finding it and bringing it to him, adding he’s relieved it wasn’t taken that day in 2021 to steal the cash or his identity.

“Maybe it was just meant to get away from me for a little bit,” he joked. “There are good people out there and I’m glad that I got this back… It’s crazy to think that it was actually found.”