Montpelier, VT – Nearly three thousand Vermonters will soon have to leave the hotels and motels they’ve lived in temporarily. As the state’s hotel housing program is going back to its pre-pandemic eligibility rules.

The state has spent almost 200 million dollars keeping the expanded version of the general assistance housing program afloat in hotels and motels. But many of the people in the program will be removed from it next Thursday.

At the end of the legislative session, lawmakers decided to not include funding to continue the program, as a majority of lawmakers said the state can’t afford it anymore. lawmakers and advocates say they now need to find quick solutions to save lives.

On Friday, the Scott administration said they are being proactive, but will have to take a wait-and-see approach to find a transition solution that will address the needs of all. In the meantime, Scott hopes those required to leave their temporary homes will do so.