Valentine’s Day favorite, Sweethearts candy unavailable this year


As Valentine’s Day approaches, one of America’s favorite candies will be missing from store shelves. 

Sweethearts Conversation Heart candies won’t be available for this year’s holiday.

According to, Conversation Hearts were the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in 2018.

With phrases like “Be Mine” and “Marry Me” printed on them, the holiday candy has captured the hearts of Americans since 1901. But this year, people will have to find alternatives.

Companies like Brach’s are selling similar heart-shaped candy with phrases on them, but the Sweetheart brand is currently on hold.

NECCO, the company that makes the iconic candy, sold to Bryan, Ohio based candy maker Spangler Candy Company last year. 

Spangler plans on making Sweethearts again in time for Valentine’s Day 2020, but the only Sweethearts currently available are the ones left from before NECCO closed last July.

In addition to Sweethearts’ return in 2020, Spangler plans on reintroducing NECCO Wafers this year. 

Spangler has purchased 20 acres near its current facility to expand warehouse space and future needs. It’s an expansion that company executives are excited for.

You can learn more about the purchase of NECCO here

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