BALTIMORE (WDCW) — Nearly 50 Headstones at a Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Maryland were defaced last week, just as tensions between Russia and Ukraine boiled over into all-out warfare. 

According to The Associated Press, officials from the St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church in Baltimore — who operates the Dundalk cemetery — confirmed that dozens of headstones, along with statues of angels, were knocked over and vandalized. 

Cemetery Administrator Stephen Humeniuk told WDCW that a jogger running past the cemetery last week discovered the broken and toppled headstones, and reported them to authorities. 

Humeniuk says he doesn’t believe the timing is a coincidence, and that there were more nefarious motives underlying the headstone’s vandalism.  

The Catholic Church is working alongside local law enforcement in order to catch the people who committed this act of vandalism. 

Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Sgt. Gladys Brown wouldn’t comment on whether this was being investigated as a hate crime, bud did confirm to the AP that they are looking into the situation.